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Jessica & Tim June 24,2023

A June wedding at Landoll's Mohican Castle became an enchanting affair as Jessica and Tim exchanged vows amidst a stunning display of floral beauty. The carefully curated selection of flowers, ranging from anemones to quick sand roses, created an ethereal atmosphere, enhancing the romantic ambiance of the celebration. Let's explore the exquisite floral arrangements that adorned this unforgettable day.

Jessica's hand-tied bouquet was a breathtaking ensemble of elegance and charm. It featured a delightful blend of anemones, clematis, queen anne's lace, quick sand roses, ranunculus, silver bush, and astilbe.

The bridesmaids carried smaller versions of the bride's bouquet, mirroring its captivating elements. These beautiful arrangements flawlessly accompanied the bridal party, complementing their dresses and adding a harmonious touch to the overall aesthetic.

The flower girl wore a delightful flower crown that beautifully adorned her hair. Crafted with astilbe, eucalyptus, and majolica spray roses, the crown added a whimsical touch to her youthful innocence, completing her angelic appearance.

Tim's boutonniere featured a tasteful combination of astilbe, ranunculus, and verdant greens, symbolizing the groom's refined style. The groomsmen's boutonnieres echoed the choice of majolica spray roses and greenery, creating a cohesive and dashing look for the entire wedding party.

The fathers, grandfathers, and grandmothers wore elegant boutonnieres and corsages that exuded grace and love. The grandmothers' corsages were adorned with cream ribbon, astilbe, majolica spray roses, and delicate greenery, making them a cherished accessory for these beloved family members.

The ceremonial pergola served as the backdrop for the couple's heartfelt vows. It was adorned with cascading white wisteria and olive branches, creating a picturesque scene that captured the essence of romance. The combination of delicate blooms and lush greenery added an enchanting touch to the couple's special moment.

As Jessica walked down the aisle, she was greeted by the enchanting sight of olive branches and queen anne's lace arranged in low lomey dishes. These charming accents provided a sense of natural beauty, guiding her path toward her happily-ever-after.

At the reception, the venue was transformed into a captivating wonderland. Cylinder glass vases with floating candles, stemmed votive candles, and small gold vases adorned the tables, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere. The centerpieces, composed of light pink astilbe, blush roses, white anemone, olive branches, and majolica spray roses, added a touch of romance to each table.The head table enjoyed matching florals with greenery cascading down the front, showcasing the couple's unique style. To further enhance the ambiance, the ballroom was elegantly decorated with a Southern Smilax rental greenery garland, creating a lush and inviting space for the couple and their guests.

Jessica and Tim's June wedding at Landoll's Mohican Castle was a celebration of love and beauty, highlighted by a carefully curated selection of florals. From the exquisite bouquets to the enchanting reception decor, every floral arrangement added a touch of magic to their special day. The beauty and elegance of the chosen flowers created an unforgettable ambiance, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended this truly enchanting celebration of love.

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