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Kelly & Victor June 10, 2023

As the warm June breeze rustled through the air, the enchanting wedding of Kelly and Victor unfolded at the picturesque Waters-Edge Event Center in Ashland, Ohio. Adorned with a palette of blush cream and ivory, the wedding florals added an ethereal touch to the joyful celebration. Let's delve into the exquisite floral designs that graced this memorable occasion, from the ceremony arch to the boutonnieres and wrist corsages.

Ceremony Arch: A focal point of the ceremony, the stunning floral design adorning the arch served as a captivating backdrop for Kelly and Victor's exchange of vows. Playa Blanca roses, with their delicate petals, took center stage, exuding elegance and romance. The lush Queen Anne's lace added an airy touch, while white ranunculus and tulips contributed a sense of freshness and purity. The combination of these flowers created an enchanting atmosphere, perfectly framing the couple's heartfelt promises.

Aisle Florals: To create a seamless transition between the ceremony arch and the aisle, arrangements of blush cream and ivory blooms adorned the edges of the pathway. The soft hues of the majolica spray roses guided guests with their ethereal beauty. The addition of Italian ruscus and silver dollar eucalyptus foliage brought a touch of greenery, enhancing the natural ambiance of the waterside venue.

Bridal Bouquet: Kelly's bridal bouquet was a vision of timeless elegance. Featuring a refined mix of Playa Blanca roses, white ranunculus, and white tulips, it exuded grace and sophistication. The blush cream and ivory tones perfectly complemented her bridal attire, adding a touch of romance to her radiant presence. The carefully arranged Italian ruscus and silver dollar eucalyptus foliage provided a lush backdrop, ensuring the bouquet was a true work of art.

Bridesmaids Bouquets: The bridesmaids' bouquets mirrored the delicate beauty of the bridal bouquet while maintaining their own unique charm. Consisting of Playa Blanca roses, white ranunculus, and white tulips, they harmonized flawlessly with the overall color scheme. The elegant combination of blooms exuded a sense of unity and captured the essence of the celebration.

Boutonnieres, Wrist Corsages, and Family Florals: The groom, groomsmen, and family members were adorned with tasteful boutonnieres and wrist corsages, creating a cohesive floral theme throughout the wedding party. The boutonnieres for the gentlemen were fashioned from miniature majolica spray roses, while the wrist corsages for the ladies featured delicate blooms of quicksand roses complemented by Italian ruscus and silver dollar eucalyptus foliage. These thoughtful touches added a touch of sophistication to each participant's attire, symbolizing their special role in the celebration.

Kelly and Victor's June wedding at the Waters-Edge Event Center in Ashland, Ohio, was a beautiful celebration of love, complemented by the exquisite blush cream and ivory florals. The carefully chosen Playa Blanca roses, Queen Anne's lace, white ranunculus, and white tulips created a romantic ambiance that resonated throughout the event. The addition of Italian ruscus and silver dollar eucalyptus brought a lush greenery element, completing the enchanting atmosphere. Every floral detail, from the ceremony arch to the bouquets, boutonnieres, and wrist corsages, added a touch of elegance and beauty to this joyous occasion, forever etched in the hearts of Kelly, Victor, and their loved ones.

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