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Jessica and Patrick June 30, 2023

June weddings are known for their romantic ambiance and lush floral arrangements, and Jessica and Patrick's wedding at Landoll's Mohican Castle was no exception. With the expertise of Four Seasons Wedding Florist, the couple's wedding venue was transformed into a blooming paradise. The floral designs featured an enchanting blend of colors and textures, perfectly complementing the couple's special day. Let's delve into the captivating florals that adorned this beautiful June wedding.

The Bride's Cascading Bouquet: Jessica's cascading bouquet was a breathtaking masterpiece. It comprised a mix of captivating blooms and foliage, showcasing her unique style and personality. The bouquet featured terra cotta lilies, white stock, playa Blanca roses, and majolica spray roses. The delicate addition of baby's breath, queen Anne's lace, gunni eucalyptus, and Italian ruscus added a touch of elegance and movement to the cascading arrangement.

Bridesmaids' Hand-Tied Bouquets: The bridesmaids' bouquets beautifully complemented Jessica's cascading bouquet. Tied with cream ribbon, these hand-tied arrangements exuded a timeless and sophisticated charm. The bouquets primarily consisted of baby's breath and silver dollar eucalyptus, creating a delicate and ethereal aesthetic. These bouquets perfectly accentuated the bridesmaids' attire and added a touch of elegance to the overall bridal party.

Groom's Boutonniere: Patrick's boutonniere, created by Four Seasons Wedding Florist, was a tasteful accent that matched the floral theme of the wedding. Featuring a majolica spray rose and delicate sprigs of baby's breath and eucalyptus, the boutonniere was a simple yet striking accessory. The exposed stems added a touch of rustic charm, reflecting Patrick's refined style.

Groomsmen's Boutonnieres: The groomsmen's boutonnieres followed a similar design, with a focus on simplicity and elegance. Each boutonniere comprised baby's breath and eucalyptus, harmonizing with the overall floral theme of the wedding. These tasteful accents beautifully complemented the groomsmen's attire, showcasing a cohesive look for the entire wedding party.

Ring Bearers' Mini Boutonnieres: Even the littlest members of the wedding party received their own charming boutonnieres. The ring bearers wore mini versions of the groomsmen's boutonnieres. These adorable accents added a touch of sweetness and completed their adorable ensembles. The mini boutonnieres were the perfect way to make the young participants feel included in the celebration.

Mothers' and Grandmothers' Corsages: The mothers and grandmothers were adorned with elegant corsages that matched the overall floral theme. Featuring majolica spray roses, cream ribbon, and eucalyptus, these corsages added a touch of grace and sophistication to their ensembles. They were a thoughtful gesture, honoring the important women in Jessica and Patrick's lives.

Fathers' and Grandfathers' Boutonnieres: To acknowledge the fathers and grandfathers, Four Seasons Wedding Florist crafted boutonnieres that complemented the overall floral arrangements. Each boutonniere featured majolica spray roses, baby's breath, and eucalyptus. These elegant boutonnieres added a touch of refinement to the attire of the fathers and grandfathers, symbolizing their role in the celebration.

Conclusion: The wedding florals created by Four Seasons Wedding Florist for Jessica and Patrick's June wedding at Landoll's Mohican Castle were nothing short of magical. From the cascading bridal bouquet to the charming boutonnieres and corsages, every floral arrangement perfectly reflected the couple's vision and added a touch of beauty and elegance to their special day. The creative use of terra cotta lilies, roses, baby's breath, and eucalyptus showcased the skill and artistry of Four Seasons Wedding Florist. It was a day filled with love, beauty, and enchanting floral designs that will be cherished forever.

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